Grid Paper

Online design and layout wireframe prototyping and collaboration tool

Gridpapr |gridˈpāpər| — an online tool for easy wireframing and prototyping grid-based designs.

We try to get real with things as quickly as possible. For us, real means something we can all look at — a picture, a sketch, something visual. Until everyone’s looking at the same thing, it can be hard to reach actual agreement. Five people may read the same paragraph, but they often interpret the words differently. But when you look at a picture, a mockup, people are more likely to reach agreement — or valid disagreement. Whichever way they go, at least we know where they actually stand, not where we think they stand. Pointing at something real cuts through to the truth.

— Jason Fried, Managing Conflict

Do you want to increase team productivity and spend less time planning? Prototype design!

You can use gridpapr as a quick way to wireframe the layout of a webpage, publication, or any other design that requires a layout structure. Gridpapr allows online collaboration, prototyping and sharing of documents and ideas.

  • Designers can use gridpapr to wireframe the layout of all required elements in a design.
  • Project managers can create quick layout mockups in gridpapr before sending them to developers for production.
  • Developer teams can use gridpapr to maintain initial design plans for web pages and applications.
  • Interface designers can use gridpapr to visualize user interfaces.
  • You can collaborate together with clients on shared documents.
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